Tapo and kasa one Single app (Solution)

All your TP-Link devices in one place

Would it be nice to have an app controlling Tapo & Kasa Smart devices?

TP-Link has two product lines for smart home Kasa Smart and recently Tapo.
Until now, to control these two lines you would need two different apps, which can be a bit annoying, but that has changed with Watt.


Watt one app both product lines

Now you can use this app Watt to control both product lines. Having all your TP-Link devices in just one place so you can see the bigger picture.

You will also be able to use Siri to voice control your tapo devices, a feature that doesn't exist in the Tapo app.

The experience of the app was designed based on the users needs. So you can be sure that you will like the app.

Let's compare the 3 apps:

Kasa Tapo Watt
Control Kasa & Tapo Devices
Apple Shortcuts
Siri support from the app
Night mode (Turn off led)
Charts (Runtime and energy usage) Just Kasa devices
Live consumption (from all devices)
Erase Statistics Just Kasa devices
Set price for kWh
See voltage and Current Just Kasa devices
Price Free Free Free

Download app TODAY and enjoy all your TP-Link devices in one place (this app just works on iOS)

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