Kasa Smart Switch Energy Consumption Calculator (HS200, HS210, HS220)

How to calculate energy consumption?

Chart showing Energy Consumption

From now on, Kasa Smart Switches (HS200, HS210, HS220) will show information on energy consumption!

Do Smart Switches have the ability to show energy consumption? The answer is NO! But how is the Watt for Smart Devices doing? Could it be witchcraft? 🤔

We are calculating consumption based on the number of hours the device it's running + the default value, which you can define as well for your real value of consumption.

To change the value you have to choose the device, then swipe to the Chart screen and edit the estimated consumption value.

Still not sure of what is the consumption of all your bulbs connected to the device? I have no magic solution for this but what I suggest is to look at each bulb and see how many Watts are marked there and add up.

After that, we can use graphics to calculate the consumption and the cost of energy.

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