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Watt a complementary app to Kasa Smart and Tapo (TP-Link).

See the live consumption and know the energy cost with daily charts. And many more unique features!!!

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Simple & effective way to control your Tp-Link smart devices


Watt offers a wide range of Unique Features

This list is always growing

Night Mode

Turn off all the LEDs of your Smart Device. The lights are turned off but the system continues to function normally so you can have a restful night's sleep.

Daily and Monthly Chart

We generate graphs bar for easy reading of consumption, costs and how many hours the device was turned on.


Erase Statistics

The ability to reset the stats for when a different appliance is plugged in and I want to start fresh. Without you having to restart your smart device.


Use Siri to turn On or Off your devices or know the current status of the device. You can also control a group of devices that are in the same space and turn them all On of Off at once.


Watt, was developed with the objective of reaching the largest number of Smart Home(plugs & bulbs) devices of the product line Kasa Smart and Tapo brand. Not all devices have the same hardware capabilities.
Here is a list of features by device:

Kasa Smart Tapo
Featured HS100, HS103, HS105, HS107, HS200, HS210, HS220, KP105, KP200, KP303, KP400, KS230, KS220M, EP10, EP40 HS110, HS300, KP115, KP125, EP25 KL50, KL60, KL110, KL120, KL130, KL135, KL400, KL420, KL430, LB100, LB110, LB120, LB130, LB200, LB230 P100, P105, P125 L510, L520, L530, L610, L630, L900, L920, L930, TL31, TL33 P110, P115
Device Type Smart Plug Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring Smart Bulb Smart Plug Smart Bulb Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring
Turn On/Off
Get an overview of each device that is active in the home screen
Energy consumption Chart
Daily & monthly
Just Switch *2
Daily and a monthly cost of the device Just Switch *2
Runtime Chart
Daily & monthly
Cumulative energy usage
form all devices
Just Switch *2
Night Mode (turn off the LEDs) *1
Erase Runtime statistics
Erase Consumption statistics
Siri Shortcuts
Set Brightness Just HS220, KS220M
Set Color Temperature Just KL120, KL130,KL430, LB120, LB130, LB200, LB230 Just L530, L630, L930, TL33
Set Light Color Just KL130, LB130, LB230, KL400, KL420, KL430 Just L530, L630, L900, L920, L930, TL33
  • *1 Due to hardware or firmware the HS200 v1 and HS220 v2 the night mode does not work. It's working well for HS200 v2 and v3 and HS220 v1 and v3 and all the other devices.
    If you are using the HS210 KIT and you can only activate Night Mode on one of the devices, check this solution from the user @elitepuckster: Solution for the HS210 KIT
  • *2 For Kasa Smart Switch for HS200, HS210, HS220, KS230 and KS220M we are calculating consumption based on the number of hours the device it's running + the default value set by the user. Read more
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    This is strategic and long-range planning for this app. For many of the features that are planned beyond the mobile application, we will need to develop a server-side.

    • Show cumulative energy usage form all devices.
    • Show energy consumption by the last 30 days, month.
    • Show daily cost metrics
    • Night Mode (Option to turn off the led light).
    • Show more info about each device (Like real-time consumption, Voltage, wireless signal).
    • The ability to reset the stats for when a different appliance/device is plugged in and I want to start fresh.
    • Create a concept "Room/Spaces" which will aggregate multiple devices.
    • Uses voice commands to turn on/off device using Siri shortcut.
    • Add support to TP-Link HS300, KP200, KP303, KL50, KP400, HS107, KP100.
    • Add support to Smart Bulb KL50, KL50B, KL60, LB200, LB230(E26), LB230.
    • Implement Haptic Touch
    • Add support to Tapo product line (P100, P105, L510, L530).
    • Calculate the energy cost for smart switches (HS200, HS210 and HS220) based on Runtime + default/set value consumed energy.
    • Export the data to Excel (csv)
    • Show chart gathering all devices and the total cost.
    • Record the energy consumption hour by hour.
    • Show energy consumption by day, bill.
    • The option to define peak and off-peak times and electricity prices.
    • Send a weekly email with consumption reports and charts.
    • Force reboot, turn Off device then On after 30 seconds turn on again (Helpful for devices like wifi routers connected to the smart plug)
    • Make smart action (like if consumption is lower then specific value turn off(stand-by), or using GPS and when arriving home turn on the light, even use the weather forecast to make action, define amount time before sunset/sunrise action)
    • Make a personalized schedule that will tell you how much money you will save by turning off your device x hours
    • Set Goals to save energy
    • Add new voice command to change bulb temperature color
    • Add Party Mode using the Smart Bulbs (cycles the colors and brigtness)
    • Add Artificial Intelligence (IA) to detect and send you push notification when some consumption is not right like: leave the refrigerator door open, when the machine finished washing.
    • If you have multiple devices connected to single HS110 use artificial intelligence to detect which devices are turned on and off and how much each one of them is spending.
    • When you are on a Bulb information screen, add shortcuts for common colors and temperatures.
    • Support for Dark Mode and support for Color Blindness
    • Make web version
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